Digital Stuff

Skills I’ve been working on:

  • Text Analysis with Python (NLTK & CLTK packages)
  • Data Visualization and Analysis
  • Web Design & Development

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A few brief points about projects I’m currently working on:

Digitizing the Numismatic Collection @ the Wilcox Classical Museum

Mock-up for the site:

  • Creating online, searchable database of artifacts in Omeka S
  • 3D imaging and photography of artifacts
  • Integrating collection into open- and linked-data projects

Mapping Horace’s Satire 1.5

  • Used QGIS to plot out the Iter Brundisinum and measure the distances between the towns that Horace names in the text
  • Arguing for new identifications and locations of the unnamed town and the Trivici Villa in the middle of the journey
  • Identifying these two towns helps us to better understand the nature of Horace’s comedic tone in Satire 1.5

Computational Stylistic Analysis of Valerius Maximus

  • Using the CLTK and Python alongside John Burrow’s Delta Method and other authorship attribution techniques to study the hotly debated style of Valerius Maximus in his sole work, the Facta et Dicta Memorabilia
  • The text contains many stories directly gleaned from Livy and Cicero, but many scholars have debated the originality of Valerius Maximus as an author
  • Scholars often claim that Valerius is simply plagiarizing his predecessors, but none have given a nuanced study of his real style, thus making it ripe for computational text analysis